Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be transportation from the hotel to the tournament headquarter? Will it cost and how much?

Yes, there will be transportation from the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Hotel to the stadium and tournament headquarter. They will start leaving the hotel an hour before the first matches and it will be a service with no cost.

Can I take my children?

Of course. We’re very thoughtful about the parents who take their kids on vacation with them. So we’ll have a special area for recreation and taking care of the children. They’ll just need the entry bracelet, which brings access to the commercial area. Kids from six years and older can have a ticket to the matches and enter the courts, and younger than three years do not have to pay their bracelet.

Is there special attention for people with disabilities?

Yes, we have in our facilities, ramps for wheel chairs and a special area in the platinum zone at the Grand Stand where they can enjoy the match with one companion.

Where can I consult the journal information of the tournament like the schedule and main draw?

We will be posting every day in our website and in our social networks. You can consult everything you want to know at and also we will be delivering a Daily with the latest news of the tournament.

From what time can I get to the stadium?

You can get into the stadium and to the facilities of Cabo Del Mar (headquarter of the tournament) one hour before the first match. From Monday to Thursday at 4:00pm and from Friday to Saturday at 6:00pm.

Can I carry a backpack?

No, due to policies of the tournament, we can’t allow backpacks into the stadium. We do not count with locker service, either. Only bags are allowed.

Is there a way to get from the hotel to the stadium on public transport?

There isn’t. Thoug, there are private vans that go from the hotel to the stadium, exclusively for the tournament and have no cost.

Do the qualification matches have a cost?

No, every match from this stage of the tournament will be free to all public.

What does my ticket includes?

It assures you a seat at the match and you have access to the commercial area, with eight food stands so you can pick what you most like. It includes entertainment and the stands of our sponsors.

How do I get to the stadium?

The location of Cabo Del Mar is very easy to find if you’re driving. It doesn’t matter where your hotel is, if it is like most of them in the trans peninsular driveway you only have tu turn to the Tezal curve and approximately one mile later you’ll see the stadium.

Is there a public parking lot?

Yes if you have a car you can leave it in the parking lot.